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New born baby boy with texture added to photo to make it look old and worn

Hurra hurra, finally had time to do a bit of a blog round this morning! As always, those amazingly creative fellow bloggers out there inspire me tremendously! One of my abs favourites is
Maybe mej who never stop to amaze me. I got the inspiration to the above from her (allright, allright, i stole it totally, sorry AnneMaj but it was just so cute!!)

Wall art

Am looking at flower after flower. Not very me, I know, but am putting together some pics for my friend Elsebeth. We were at Homemate the other day, a cheap version of IKEA here in Malta, and she was going to buy some factory made canvasses to hang in her new amazing flat in Tigne Point. Uejja, i said (like a true maltese!), we can do better than that! Use some of my photos! She took me up on the challenge, and now i am looking at flower after flower...

Here are some of my favourites:
Purple Allium, shot in Sweden
White Allium, shot in Sweden
According to my sister, who was the one dragging me around one public garden after the other this summer, these are all Allium flowers, kind of an onion flower. I love them, love their shape and texture.

White Allium, shot in Sweden

Swedish Milk!

You have to be Swedish to understand this one. And probably live abroad to understand why I am printing it on a huge canvas and hang it on my kitchen wall! Got the inspiration from Lotten's wonderful retro blog: - check her out!

1 year collage

How cute is he! Niklas is from Norway, but lives for now in Swieqi, Malta. His mum Ingunn wanted to make a memory card for his first birthday, and I put together this funky collage for her! 

Cover Child magazine

Child magazine comes out with the Times of Malta, I think some 3 times per year. They chose two of my pictures for their latest issue. This one of Max, which ended up on their cover, plus a Holy Communion picture - yes it's that time of the year again! The format of the mag is really large, and it was amazing to see how good the resolution was, esp since the pic was taken with my good ol' Canon 300d!

Mami formerly know as Sascha

A couple of weeks ago, my neighbour found a small puppy roaming around at night. To my daughter's delight we ended up homing her for a few days. They called her Sascha. Trisha and Tramp wasn't too sure what to make out of her. She is adorable, extremelly sweet to anything that comes in her way. Luckily my friend Milena was willing to give her a home. So Sascha is now Mami. The collage is inspired by 

Ray 50

Ray just turned 50. A milestone. I made him this collage as a present. The photo was taken by his wife Margaret, the lyrics is from what has to be the song of the year (at least for me!): the magic of the sun from by the rifffs, Ray's own band. Happy b'day Ray - you're a great guy!


Linni has made her first cover! Who is surprised?! It was just a matter of time, right?! And not just any cover: she is on the cover of Skylife, Airmalta's inflight magazine and will gaze upon passengers for all of the month of May! Thanks to Deana, the patron of all buddying artists, who is the editor of Sky, I have a spread in the magazine with some of my pics. She asked me some time back, which was very flattering. And then it turned out that the designers really loved this pic and decided to crown the mag with it! I was stunned and really pleased. Linni took it in her stride: knowing she is destined for fame she wasn't very surprised...

Nice picture for the wall

Have finally found a way to display some of all those photos which are just hidden on the hard drive.. Have put together a collage mainly with photos but also with some illustrations that lighten up the whole picture. It was a lot of moving around boxes before it was ready, but am really pleased with the end result. A white frame and it will go up in my (pink!) study!

Where is it, where is it??

Milla is obsessed with aeroplanes... As soon as she hears engines in the sky, she starts scouting for them...

Christmas card 1

I try to find time to make my own christmas cards to send to family and friends. Not easy, takes a lot of time, but here are a few I have made. This one is of Maja and Linni, they were only 3 and 4 years old.

Chirstmas card 2

This is my christmas card this year, of my 3 angels. The design of the card, and of the next two ones, is made by Dawn, using Moo templates. I just love - their designs are so fresh! Let me know what you think of the blue square - does it work for a christmas card??

Chirstmas card 3

This card and the next one were done for Nicole - you will find more pictures of her cute kids in earlier blog entries

Christmas card 4

This card is supposed to be viewed vertically, so please turn your head when you look at it!