Four kids - again

Seems like I am a magnet for shooting four kids... This time they were much younger though, so doing a group photo was a massive challenge as their focus was everywhere but on me... So i quickly went for individual shots of Martina and Fransesca, 10 years, Edward 4 and Thomas 10 months.


How can two identical twins be so different? Martina just loved being in front of the camera. Totally relaxed, she fired off one Hollywood smile after the other. Her sister Fransesca however was not so comfortable. It was a fascinating experience for me, to shot two faces that at a glance might be look the same but from behind the lense they were totally different.


Fransesca was not relaxed in front of the camera. I don't blame her, I hate being in front of the lense myself... But all it takes is one or good photo to create something magic and I think we got it in the end!


God bless him - it must be sooo boring for a 4 year old to pose for a camera! And with his twin sisters coaching from the flanks: Edward, look here! Ed, look at me! Smile Edward! Stop! Walk towards us! But he was a good sport and we got some really nice shots.


This is the youngest of the Mifsud kids, wonderful baby Thomas. Those blue blue eyes are fantastic. He was a great model, very accomodating!