Fields of Green

Girl standing with her back to the camera in a green field of wheat. She has a bright yellow car printed on the back of her t-shirt

We are surrounded by green fields. It's so beautiful.

Young girl dancing in a wheat field in Mgarr, Malta

Milla training the dog!


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Home alone

Kynan took Maja and Linni with him on a minibreak skiing in Italy. So me and Milla have been home alone with the dogs and the cats. Been really strange... We went to the flower shop, bought loads of flowers, even though they will most likely die very soon as they usually do in my care...

Young girl looking at a African Daisy, Latin name Ostopermum

According to my sister, the flower expert, the orange one is called an African Daisy. She also knows that they are perennial, that is they live more than one year. If not in my care, that is, she had to add...

Young girl watering and planting spring flowers, african daisy, geranium, malta

So we planted and watered... We also went to see Catrin, a visit long overdue. Milla and Olivia had great fun as usual!

3 year old girls colouring in the kitchen

Oh and then there was that amazing weather again... It's been an incredible winter, hardly any rain (contrary to last year, do you remember?!) and this weekend the temperatures soared. We decided to go down to Golden Sands. Of course the house was still cold, but luckily i did change from polo neck to t-shirt before i left the house. The beach was full of confused Maltese trapped in winter clothes but finding themselves being in summer temperatures. Must have been +25 at least. Kids stripped off to their undies and splashed around in the surf.

Berta, Nicki and Milla playing around in the surf on the beach, February, Golden Sands, Malta

Golden Sands beach, Malta, in February

A funny thing being alone with Milla was that she was constantly aware of where I was. It was like she was thinking: 'ok, i've lost three, so i am not taking any risks here: i will make sure i don't lose sight of the one i have left'! Survival of the fittest i guess!