Pregnancy shoot of a beautiful woman. Soft focus on her belly

Stunning. She is so beautiful. Due in only four weeks

Marion Borg




My mother

Ulrika and Johann


Hello, is there anybody in there?


Maja and Ms Seana

This is Maja with her beloved teacher, Ms Seana. In Malta, the children change teachers every year so it is now time for Maja to say good bye to a fantastic teacher. Thank you so much for the great work you have done this year Ms Seana!

I do!


I do


Grandpa and Linni

Tuffa and Linni
This one is taken on the porch of my parents' house in Sweden. For those of you who know Linni it comes as no surprise that she is naked - she is a true streaker and throws her clothes off at the first possibility!


Catrin and Olivia

Helena by the Pool

Helena by the Pool
My friend was building a pool. For the workmen to access the area, they had to knock a huge hole into the wall. Next door was a car dump (nothing extra ordinary - this is Malta after all!) and i got this lovely contrast. Unfortunatelly the light was very very harsh hence the overexposure.

Big Mama!

Finally! Sebastian has arrived!! Feels like Claudia carried him forever! This picture was taken some two weeks before his arrival - wanted to take a picture with a mama with some strong attitude! It is taken on the terace, with quite harse sun light. So decided to use that to make a very contrasty picture. Big Mama