Baby's got blue eyes...

Blue eyesTook this of Milla on new years eve. She is four months old, and has just learned to lift her head. Although i did some blur on her face, the color of the eyes are actually as they were shot.

Big Mama!

Finally! Sebastian has arrived!! Feels like Claudia carried him forever! This picture was taken some two weeks before his arrival - wanted to take a picture with a mama with some strong attitude! It is taken on the terace, with quite harse sun light. So decided to use that to make a very contrasty picture. Big Mama

They finally arrived!

Maltapost might be slow but at least my sister's christmas presents did make it through! Only 2 months late - not bad!! And considering how many presents the girls got anyways around xmas, maybe this was for the better.
My sister is the best. She buys the most wonderful things. Maja and Linni got really cool supergirl t-shirts, milla got a funky outfit and i got a lovely necklace. And a book about love for my birthday. Thank you Anitta!!Christmas presents

Peaceful baby

Took this one when Milla was ten days old. Not sure if the colour or black/white works best. Again, just used existing daylight from big window. Baby was on the bed. Good thing with newborns is that they dont move much. Bad thing is that they can pee at any point in time...

Milla fargMilla b/w

The Kissing Machine!

The Kissing Machine!
This is Max - the lean, mean kissing machine! He adores the girls and, with a face like his, the girls adore him back!! At the tender age of 5.5 he is already out there!! His mother says he is a terror, but i think it is only her trying to keep him to herself!! You don't waste anytime photographing someone with this much energy - I was lucky he staid still for 3 minutes which was just about how long the photo shoot was! A lovely picture - his face is just great!