Icecream for all!

Gnejna beach was amazing this morning. All empty, just me and Ewonne, Lucky, Trisha and Tramp

How to really get your message across to your kids

The girls have been quite at each other lately. Tit for tat. Maja gets this, Linni gets that, ITS NOT FAIR!!!!!!! And huge dramas to get homework done, chores done etc etc. So today i blew, and had a looooong lecture of the need of showing respect, of loving your family, how we all have to accept that we have to put in an effort to get somewhere in life. Ladidadida. After my long speech, i had two silent girls in front of me, Maja looking at me, Linni looking at her toes. I asked : So, what do you think of all this, any comments?


Then Linni looks up at me with her big blue eyes and says:
Ma: if i hold up the middle toe, does it mean the same as if i hold up my middle finger?

Parenting is such a joy!

Summer is here!!!!!!!

Young girl sunbathing on the terrace in Malta

Had a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL weekend! Fantastic weather, fantastic kids, fantastic husband, fantastic friends - all at once! Can it be better?

Ladies and gentleman: the terrace is open for summer:

Table set on veranda with fantastic views over the Mediterranean Sea

And what better way to open it if not for an amazing Valborg bbq lunch with some great friends over. 7 adults and 10 kids - someone for all to have fun with!

Young kids fooling around outside on a day bed