Brand new

Today I had an exclusive with Oliver - a very tired little gentleman only 2 weeks old.

2 week old baby boy, being held up to the camera by his mother, close up baby photo, colour photo

He was sooo patient... Just a bit of milk and he patiently endured more of my and his mum's silly ideas.

New born baby boy, 2 weeks old, propped up by giant teddy, black and white photo of new born

The teddy bear belongs to his sisters - it is very pink... Thank god for photoshop!

It doesn't matter how many kids you have processed yourself, you never stop being amazed by the perfection of a new human being. So small, but so perfect...

Close up photo in colour of new born baby's feet

Maja and Milla

Am trying to get my photos out of my hard disc and up on my walls. So have bought frames, now need to sort out pics for them. This one is sooo cute: Milla is 10 months old, Maja is 7.

Please note dresses - they are the same!! How coordinated am I???

Niklas' photoshoot

This is Ingunn and Niklas

Ingunn contacted me through
CloudBerryImages for a photoshoot to comemorate her son being 1 year. And despite poor light and a very fast kid we got some great photos!

Niklas is a fantastic kid, full of life and cool expressions - just check this out:

Mr Cool Dude!

Ingunn worked hard with keeping Niklas focused. Or maybe distracted??

One thing that really worked was getting out his blue chair. He loves his blue chair.

I mean: really, REALLY loves his blue chair!

We actually had problems getting him out of it!

We also took some photos of Ingunn and Niklas together. I think they came out abs stunning. Not only does Ingunn have a gorgeous baby - Niklas has a very beautiful mother!

A lovely morning! Fast - but great outcome!

Rebeckas Holy Communion

June means Holy Communion for 6 - 7 year old children in Malta. I took these of beautiful Rebecka Hammenborn on a day that I am sure she will remember for the rest of her life.

Holy Vintage

Here are some of the Holy Communion photos taken of Rebecka processed with one of my favourite actions at the moment, vintage (thankyou again Maybe Mej!). When i learn how to i will post a link to the action, it's fantastic! I am falling in love with the 70s again - guess it reminds me of childhood - probably the reason for loving these washed out colours.


Kids are just the best models. This is 7 year old Malou, Linni's friend. She came to Ghajn Tuffieha for a sleepover and of course, with a face like this, she had to be photographed. But look at the pose, how relaxed. I could have kept going the whole day cause she was just kept fireing off one pose after the other...


Some things should always stay as they are... Like this little person...

Dagens Linni

The piano teacher was late for Linni's lesson. Luckily I had the camera in the back of the car, so we had a quick photo session in front of Mgarr church. I KNOW I KNOW i am her mother, but god is she good in front of the camera!

Ella - so beautiful

Maja blur

God bless her - 4.5 on this picture... Looks still the same. Or maybe its just photoshop

Milla in May

Sunshine Patti

Maja's best friend is Patricia, or Patti as we all call her. She is the sweatest girl I've ever met: ALWAYS happy! They do ballet together, and she looks absolutelly stunning fooling about on the bouncing ball.




Father Daughter


Sebastian - again

I think i have already posted this pic before, but tried a new, softer version, which hopefully makes it glow a bit more.

Chiara's new treasure

Chiara and Tony has a new treasure... Baby Louis, now 2 months. Had the pleasure of shooting him the other day: what a tranquil, calm baby! Here comes three shots from our photosession.

My nannas blanket

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