Sebastian - again

I think i have already posted this pic before, but tried a new, softer version, which hopefully makes it glow a bit more.

New life - new dogs

Moving into the wilderness (well as wild as it can get in Malta) has brought a lot of changes for us. Two are called Trisha and Tramp, our dogs. They were abandoned, just a few months old, and of course Maja and Linni had to save them. Here is Linni with 'her' dog, Tramp.

Christmas card 1

I try to find time to make my own christmas cards to send to family and friends. Not easy, takes a lot of time, but here are a few I have made. This one is of Maja and Linni, they were only 3 and 4 years old.

Chirstmas card 2

This is my christmas card this year, of my 3 angels. The design of the card, and of the next two ones, is made by Dawn, using Moo templates. I just love - their designs are so fresh! Let me know what you think of the blue square - does it work for a christmas card??

Chirstmas card 3

This card and the next one were done for Nicole - you will find more pictures of her cute kids in earlier blog entries

Christmas card 4

This card is supposed to be viewed vertically, so please turn your head when you look at it!

Linni 7 years

Linni turned 7 on the 12th of December. We had a great party, up at Palma. Her old PE teacher, Mr Johann came and took all the kids out to fly kites, play softball, hide and seek and just have fun OUTDOORS! Very rare in Malta! It is amazing to live in a place where cars are not an issue.  It was a great party, we all had really fun!

Chiara's new treasure

Chiara and Tony has a new treasure... Baby Louis, now 2 months. Had the pleasure of shooting him the other day: what a tranquil, calm baby! Here comes three shots from our photosession.

My nannas blanket

Louis 2 months

My teddy