15 years ago...

15 years fly... Vintage photo of woman with girl, taken on the weast coast of Sweden 1995

I am sitting with my god daughter Isabella, in a fishing hut on the west coast. Still working for Greenpeace. Am just in the process of going to Malta to join a ship tour to save the Mediterranean, and then to go bag packing in Asia. I can still hold Isabella in my arms. Today she towers over me...
The scratches are real, this is true vintage, and it makes me love the photo even more. It has been touched by time!

Summer... soon...

It's Valentine

Guess you've noticed, it's the big luuuuv day! Thought this photo from a recent photoshoot on the beach in Ghajn Tuffieha is a good reminder what love should be all about:

Couple dancing on the sand in Ghajn Tuffieha beach, Malta

We should all be dancing with our men on the beach!

Slow sunday

Am sooo tired after whole day of maths... Maja and Linni are in the middle of their exam period and we've spent two days revising... We got Milla some friends over, not to bore her to death. Berta and Nicki made sure she had a fantastic afternoon!

Three year old children, two girls and a boy, having fun playing dress up

There is something extra-ordinary cute with three year old. Their conversations are just hilarious, the cute mix of innocent observations mixed with things they've heard grown ups around them saying. These three together are particularly cute cause they are so confident - both Nicki and Berta just come in to our house with a 'hey I am here now, what's up!' attitude which is great!

3 year old girl dressed up as a princess, Malta, Mgarr

Don't funk w my heart

New born baby boy with texture added to photo to make it look old and worn

Hurra hurra, finally had time to do a bit of a blog round this morning! As always, those amazingly creative fellow bloggers out there inspire me tremendously! One of my abs favourites is
Maybe mej who never stop to amaze me. I got the inspiration to the above from her (allright, allright, i stole it totally, sorry AnneMaj but it was just so cute!!)

Brand new

Today I had an exclusive with Oliver - a very tired little gentleman only 2 weeks old.

2 week old baby boy, being held up to the camera by his mother, close up baby photo, colour photo

He was sooo patient... Just a bit of milk and he patiently endured more of my and his mum's silly ideas.

New born baby boy, 2 weeks old, propped up by giant teddy, black and white photo of new born

The teddy bear belongs to his sisters - it is very pink... Thank god for photoshop!

It doesn't matter how many kids you have processed yourself, you never stop being amazed by the perfection of a new human being. So small, but so perfect...

Close up photo in colour of new born baby's feet