Cover Child magazine

Child magazine comes out with the Times of Malta, I think some 3 times per year. They chose two of my pictures for their latest issue. This one of Max, which ended up on their cover, plus a Holy Communion picture - yes it's that time of the year again! The format of the mag is really large, and it was amazing to see how good the resolution was, esp since the pic was taken with my good ol' Canon 300d!

Maja blur

God bless her - 4.5 on this picture... Looks still the same. Or maybe its just photoshop

Next door window

Milla in May

Mami formerly know as Sascha

A couple of weeks ago, my neighbour found a small puppy roaming around at night. To my daughter's delight we ended up homing her for a few days. They called her Sascha. Trisha and Tramp wasn't too sure what to make out of her. She is adorable, extremelly sweet to anything that comes in her way. Luckily my friend Milena was willing to give her a home. So Sascha is now Mami. The collage is inspired by 

It's a dog's life...

The farmers in Ghajn Tuffieha have had enough... Yesterday a delegation of four farmers spoke their mind to Kynan about the local destruction caused by Trisha and Tramp. They didn't mince their words, and the message was clear: the dogs are not welcome anymore. Their joyride, digging up plants and catching wild rabbits, have come to an abrupt end. So now they are kept indoors or locked up in the yard. Poor things, I feel for them. And I feel for myself! It's a bit of a nightmare to have two quite big dogs pacing up and down, quickly getting bored. And I am back at nagging at kids and husband to take the poor creatures out for walks. Unfortunatelly the rest of the family is not as taken by the scenery around our house as I am...

Happy B'day Maja!

Today the family came over to wish Maja happy birthday - she is now 9! It's been a fantastic day - we were sitting out for the first time this year. And we had to have a strawberry cake of course - the strawberries are amazing at the moment.

Happy birthday my beautiful sunshine!

Ray 50

Ray just turned 50. A milestone. I made him this collage as a present. The photo was taken by his wife Margaret, the lyrics is from what has to be the song of the year (at least for me!): the magic of the sun from by the rifffs, Ray's own band. Happy b'day Ray - you're a great guy!