I was driving with my girls in my battered ol' landrover. Maja, always being a bit worried about discarding things, wants me to confirm to her that I will keep the car untill the day I die. I calm her down with promising I will do so.
- 'But what will you do with it when you die' she wisely asks.
- 'I will give it to my children', I answer
She is quiet for a while. Then:
-'I don't want it'.
Mela thank you! But I have to stick with it untill I die!
Silence again in the car.
Then Linni:
-'I'll take it'.
Way to go Linni!
-'I will take it, she continues, and then I will drive it to one of those car washes and I will give it a good clean!'

Still art

I have finally found the two pictures to be hung over my work bench in my entrance!

I had the place, I had the frames, I even got the handyman to hung them empty over my beloved work bench. But after having hung there with no picture for nearly a year, I took them down. The right photos simply didn't emerge... (funnily enough NOT ONE of my many visitors commented over the fact that I had empty picture frames hanging on my walls (and these are big frames!!). Interesting, dont you think? They are either blind as bats or just too polite to say anything about their nutty friend...)

So it was a great relief that this summers trip to Sweden provided with me with ample photos that I simply loved and would love to hang on my walls. These two made the final pick.


Beautiful Sweden


Me and the girls are back in Malta after nearly four week in the land of midnight sun and very expensive vodka.  Not that you buy that much vodka when you travel with the 3 kids, the youngest not even one year...  It was, as it usually is, a very nice break even though it was a bit different this year. Travelling alone with three kids there really isn't much space to manouver, so I mainly stayed put at my mother's place. But that is such an adventure in itself if you are a small kid from Malta! This picture is taken early evening at one of my favourite coffee places, Baecken. A coffee place with a playground, a minigolf course and its own little sandy beach - and of course great coffee! What else could you possible ask for a beautiful summer evening like this?