Walking, saving, discovering

My kids out for a walk with the dogs.

Break needed from studies - out for walk with happy dogs. And happy kids too. What weather! Been absolutely fantastic! It's like a Swedish summer, fresh, cool, too cold actually for the beach. I can breath, think, function!

We got some drama too: Trisha, always the one to get into trouble, had to jump down an old, empty watering pool. She then couldn't get up. She tried and tried and nearly made every time. Must have been way over two meter deep.

We all started to get nervous. The more she jumped, the more tired she got. I just couldn't see myself getting her up on my own. And the farmers around us are not really that fond of any of us, dog, kid nor grownup, so doubt we would get any help if we asked them...

We then started a massive cheering campaign: 'Come on Trisha, you can do it, come on, come on!!!'

And you could just about see how she took a deep breath, focused on the task, aaaaaaaaand......!!!!!!

Hurraaaaah she made it! Good dog! Did you learn anything? Nah, didn't think so...

We also discovered a tree full of these berry looking thingies:

Tree with strange looking berries, Mgarr, Malta

Anyone out there who has a clue what they could be? We didn't dare eating them, although they looked really yummi. A bit like bramble-berries. But i thought berries grew on bushes, not on trees?

Postat av: Carlos Carney

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2010-07-13 @ 14:53:48
Postat av: Malin Mifsud

Hej Anne, bären heter mullbär (mulberries), och är jättegoda, så ät ni! Vi är i Finland för tillfället, så vi äter blåbär istället :-).

2010-07-21 @ 18:56:38

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