New year - clean car!

Me and Linni started off the new year with cleaning Kynan's car! Don't know why, but i still hold a childish fascination to carwashes. There is something with those brushes coming down on your car like monster toothbrushes - swooooosh they engulf you in a confusion of water and soap. Aha, i hear some of you saying; Anne's car must be constantly sparkling clean! This would obv only be those of you who have not seen me darting around Malta in my battered ol' Landrover, which constantly looks as if it has just done the Paris - Dakar rally. I just took Linni with me to create some nice childhood memories for her.

And as we all know, Linni is a re-creation of her dear auntie Charmaine. Just like sweet Charmie, she actually loves cleaning! She had a ball with the vacuum cleaner. I tell you, that car hasn't looked better since it rolled out of the audi factory in Germany...


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