Still in sweden...

My niece, Isabella, told me that i should update my blog more often. She is so right... But it does take a lot of time, wish there was an easier way to quickly upload some text and pics.... And it doesnt get any faster as I have started to shoot my photos in RAW. So all images are enormous, which means i have to convert and resize them before i can upload them here.  But i do find that RAW does give better quality. I know that the debate of Jpg versus RAW is never ending, but i did the shift a month or so ago, and although it is a space killer, i am happy. So i just bought a back up of, get this, 1 TERA byte! How big is that!??

Anyways, we are still in Sweden, yesterday we had a fantastic end-of-summer day with sunshine, clear cool air. We went to a nature reserve in the morning, where they had free pony riding. Milla went seven times... She was so happy, trying out each and every pony they had!

In the afternoon, Isabella took us to her stable and showed the girls how to take care of a horse. We also had a mini photosession in the hay!

All cousins posing in the barn

Nowadays they pack the hey into giant plastic cubes for storage. They look like huge sugar cubes stacked on top of each other. We had fun climbing them!

On Saturday my little god daughter is turning 16. Happy birthday Isabella!

All photos above are straight out of the camera, no post editing. And all shot with Canon 50 mm lens.

Postat av: busbella!

tack så mycket moster anne! :D

2010-08-26 @ 17:22:31

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