I have a friend...

... her name is Christina. Or Kicki as i know her. She's been my best friend since 1989, quite a long time. We went to university together, lived together, went to Denmark together to study. We've had highs and lows, met someone, started families. And inevitably we hit middle life together... So now we can share the ups and downs of that together... For her big day, I wanted to make her an art photo. I got the opportunity when she and Livia zoomed down to see me in Lyrestad this summer (she loves taking that train: from Stockholm C, she has a couple of changes until she is on the tiniest train ever which actually stops on our godforsaken platform in the middle of nowhere...) .

The photos came out nice, but i got really blocked of what to do of them. Which one would she like?! But then she called today, and just put it all in the right context. You do it as you want it, i trust you, she said. And i've been thinking about that tonight when i've been going through them again. And slowly it came to me: exactly how i wanted it! But that's going to be a surprise for her, so will not put it up here!

Grattis vannen - e sa glad att jag har dig!


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