Milla has started school!

This is Milla on her first day to school:

With the man of her life (daddy Kynan), she is proudly going for the first day of many many school days! And how proud she was! She put on her favourite dress, and her favourite neckless. And without stopping smiling, she waved bye to me when I dropped her off in class. I of course had tears in my eyes! Plus I was worried that the wailing from some 6 - 7 other kids who thought they were dropped off in a Gulag work camp would make Milla change her mind and start her off howling to. But oh no, she loved it, and has loved it since!

This is Milla in the official school uniform of Mgarr primary:

Milla in her school uniform outside her new school, Mgarr primary, in Malta.

I know, i know: it looks like she has an official Swedish sports outfit! I couldn't believe it when i saw it the first time, and i still can't get used to it! The other day, her yellow t-shirts were all dirty, so i gave her a swedisn football t-shirt to wear instead, with no 9 Lundberg on the back! Worked just as well!
And please note how well the pearls go with the school uniform!

Postat av: Anna

Hon är sååå söt!

2009-10-25 @ 22:36:20

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