Gozo - end of September

Niccolo is Kynan's nephew. When i came to Malta he was about 7 years. Now he's heading towards 20, is well over 6 feet tall and a cool dude! He just left for Milan, to study architecture. So his loving mother, Juanita, organised a farewell bbq at their flat in Nadur, Gozo. A great afternoon, one of those last summer days, when the water is getting cold but the sun is still hot. Here are all the cousins, except for Milla and Maja.

Now that is what I call a view!

Kynan had just had his b'day, so Juanita made him a cake - how sweet is that!? For you who don't know Juanita, she works an average 25 hours out of 24, plus takes care of husband and kids, so it just amazes me how she can find time for things like actually baking a cake!

Charmaine obviously grasped the opportunity to attack Kynan with a water gun when he was focusing on the cake. Oh she loved splashing him down!

Look at that face! The greatest pleasure is getting at your obnoxious little brother!

Anyways, Nics, we are all soo envious of you. Make sure you have fun! And when you come back home, please design my house with all cool things you picked up in Milan!


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