I have a new toy...

My dear Amanda came back from the uk with a new toy for me: a Canon 50 mm 1.8 lens. And this afternoon, at 4 pm when all indoor photography is usally impossible, we took it for a spin, me and the girls. The results are amazing, am really thrilled!

photo of young girl in front of flower. Photo by Anne Muscat Scerri, Photography Services Malta

The lens is so small and light, that the whole camera feels like it lost a couple of kilos. Focus is a bit of an issue, not sure if i have to adjust my viewthing, but when i opened the pics, most of them were out of focus. But the light! The LIGHT! A dream for someone as flash shy as i am!

Photoshoot of girl. Photography services by Anne Muscat Scerri, Ghajn Tuffieha, Malta

Postat av: Michael

Wow, nice pictures! (In this post and throughout the site)

I finally got around to getting a Canon SLR and I'm pretty sure my first accessory will be a Canon EF 50mm. Can I ask you what camera you are using?

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