Rabbit hunting season (yeah right!)

Me and Linni decided to take the dogs out for one of our long walks:

We usually go up on the hill behind our house, up on the very top, were noone goes and we can let the dogs go, run free without any grumpy farmers getting upset by dogs running over their qarabali/tomato/lettuce or whatever they are growing field. Now that spring hunting is bannned in Malta this has been a really nice walk lately. But surprise, surprise: we forget the rabbit hunting season. Ergo we forgot about these guys:

I was completelly unaware that the Rabbit Hunting season existed... I guess the obsession of Maltese hunters to hunt has just made the whole spring look like one happy shooting bonanza, when you just have to take cover as soon as you come out in the countryside. But now, the hunters are clinging onto straws. To keep hunting the birdies, they put on their camouflage gear and take their huge guns and pretend to shoot bunnies. Bunnies are best shot at night, but that's just technicalities... Anyways: Tramp and Trisha went MAD! Dogs everywhere, invading THEIR territory! How dare they! All of a sudden we were surrounded by some 6 rabbit dogs, and to their great disgrace, T&T had to retreat... Luckily, we were just near a bird hunting outpost, were we decided to set up the frontier before no man land. Me and Linni went on to focus on doing what we both do best: me taking photos and Linni posing.

These hunting lodges are quite fascinating. The hunters are there to stay, and so make themselves comfortable. This one has some kind of control tower swivel chair firmly fixed to the ground. Like a small little merry-go-round...

The other chair, a standard Maltese government office admin chair, we used to tie up the dogs, so that they could still feel that if only given their freedom, they would go for the rabbit dog intruders....

All in all, a great outing! Dogs ran away on our way home, as they usually do. Linni tried to catch them, as she usually does...

Postat av: amanda

I once found a hunting hut with roof, (not so unusual), glass (less usual) and a hole with a pipe leading out of the hut. The hole was about five centimetres across, and just below waist height.....just wondered whether the occupant would have to put his gun down before using the hole...

2009-07-03 @ 22:27:04

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