out, out to sea

Finally! We made it! Trying for weeks to find a day to join Caroline and Richard on their fantastic catamaran, it actually happened! And what a day! This is the true reason to live in Malta: sun, sea, swim, great company, some wine, perfect way to relax!

We met C&R through this super girl: Alexandra. She is the one on the left. Maja is in the middle and Linni to the right.

Alexandra is Linni's BFF (Best Friend Forever) and C&R's daughter. This is their fantastic catamaran:

Well a part of it at least... the impressive Mast. It's called Tiluk (the boat, not the mast - as far as i know the mast has no name)

This is the guy who runs the boat, Mr Skipper Richard:

He sure does a great job skippering this beauty! We went to Salina, threw the ankar, and kids couldn't wait to get in (neither could I - water was amazing!)

At first they were a bit apprehensive, but it wasn't long before they did this:

... and this:

Kynan jumped with Milla from the roof too, but that scared me so didn't focus on taking pictures, but instead on whether Milla resurfaced... But got a photo of Kynan swimming with Linni instead:

The cat had rescue hatches inside, which were cool swimming destinations for the girls - they swam between the two hulls and looked like they were stuck in an aquarium.

On the way back, Richard had the patience to go back and forth around the breakwaters of Valletta harbour for me to create some stunning photos. Will show at later stage!
It was a great afternoon. Malta at its best! Hurra for my kids having such nice friends!

Postat av: maybemej

oooo så fina foton. ser helt underbart ut att få vara på den båten i era farvatten. =) Hoppas att ni har det skönt. Jag jobbar 1 dag till sen har jag semester. Må så gott. kram

Postat av: Bob & Gilly

Please excuse me typeing in English .....

We are currently looking at your fantastic Catamana TILUK moored up in Imerolia bay Corfu from our veranda overlooking the bay, your crew have just gone ashore for a meal at Spiro's fish Taverna.

Do you hire/charter your boat? if so how do we fine out about availability and cost. We are both in our 60's and sailors, I have an RYA ICC. ...in hope

Bob and Gilly

Imeriolia Corfu and Dorset UK

2011-07-07 @ 19:53:22

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