Bored kids?

Summer holidays in Malta are 3 months long... A very long time to keep kids entertained. And if you are like me, not too keen to constantly dump them in front of the TV or the computer, then it can feel even longer at times...

My kids go to sailing school twice a week, which is great, they love it. So that keeps them busy for 8 hours out of 168. What to do for the rest 160? Our main source of entertainment is obviously to swim, swim and then swim some more... So number 1 rule if you live in Malta is to teach your kids to swim! My record is having a 3 year old swimming away without floats. quite cool!

Yesterday I managed to keep them happy for hours with first letting them shower themselves and the dogs with the garden hose - they loved it! The whole yard was soaked but I managed to cook food while they looked like brazilian street kids.

I then peeled loads of fresh fruits, put it on cuttingboards and asked them to do fruitsallad. With VERY small pieces! They loved, it, kept them busy for another hour and afterwards we all had a yummie fruitsallad to eat. With ice cream.


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