Christmas in Mdina

Me and Amanda and our six (!) girls went up to Mdina on Tuesday's AMAZINGLY sunny afternoon. Strolling slowly through the silent city, we passed crib after crib. Milla happily shouted: Oh it's Jesus! I love him!

We stopped and had coffee at the
Carmelite Priory Cafe , a monastry which has recently been refurbished and opened to the public. It is hauntingly beautiful, with an amazing simplistic design that just blows you away. Ridiculously expensive cafe though, could be reason it was dead empty. Which was good as our kids were very noisy... They posed in front of ceramic vases which were probably a zillion years old and very expensive should they be crashed...

Girls posing at the Carmelite Priory Museum in Mdina

Maja and Linni brought their bikes, and could bike around as they wanted in Mdina. Mdina is the only city in Malta where no cars are allowed! So girls could get a taste of just roaming on their own. Linni obv had to take that to roam INSIDE the priory...

Carmelite Monestry and Priory Museum. Bicycling Children Malta

The weather is very changing at the moment. A few days ago it was horribly cold, around 8 at night. But yesterday it was fantastic again - Amanda came in t'shirt! But as soon as the sun sets, the warmth goes and you remember that it is winter again.

All photos by Amanda, who uses a Canon 450d, 50 mm lens


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