Sailing in Sweden

Maja and Linni spent their first week in Sweden at sailing camp. One week of sailing optimists in fantastic summer weather on the lake of Vaenern!

The lake is actually the third largest in Europe, it's huge! And it's fresh water, a nice change for the girls to swim in!

The camp is organised by Emma, a fantastic instructor, here in red life jacket next to Linn. She does an abs AMAZING job - the kids adore her. Hurra for Emma!
And how they sail! Have you ever been in an optimist? I have, and i thought i was going to die! The boat is ultra light so the slightest move makes the boat react instantly! But the kids just take off and soon it's like they've sailed all their life.

Well soon they have, this is the third year Maja is doing the camp...

Doesn't she look cool! Such a pro! And Linni is just as good!

And here comes Isabella at the helm, sailing with Elin

Here is a group photo of the 2009 Sjotorp Summer Sailing Camp!

Milla, jihasra, had to stay with me while the girls were sailing.

And i managed to come 5th in the parent sailing! But boy did i have to work hard for it! My body was so soar the next day from trying to be hear, there and everywhere in a space the size of an armchair while avoiding being knocked by a mast, and not flipping the whole thing over and end up wet and humiliated!


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