Postat av: Marie Nightingale

Hi Anne.
What a great picture. I am so sorry that I didn't get back to you before we left, but a very hectic time, and then suddenly I didn't have my computer, which meant that I couldn't send the picture, I wanted you to work on. In the meantime I have tried myself, and I am satisfied with the result. Great that you are taking an internet course.
I hope everything is fine with you and your family. We are happy here in DK, but obviously we do miss Malta. Hope to be back some day.
Marie Nightingale

2008-05-28 @ 22:29:01
Postat av: Hej Marie!

Thank you for your sweet comment! The photo is done in the same way we did ur kids! Glad u managed w ur photo - if u have anything else u want me to do, i'd be glad to help out! Hope denmark is ok - give me a call if u come back!

2008-05-29 @ 11:10:53
Postat av: Emma

so sweet. hugs!

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