Easter came... and went

Been a nice easter. Despite me being sick most of it. Here some assorted pics.

We started off with an amazing Easter walk, up on the hills around our house:

Walk, hike, dogs, kids, Mgarr, Ghajn Tuffieha, Malta

Had a photoshoot at a farm here in Mgarr: gave a photoshoot as a lottery price in the Mgarr Primary School Lottery. A farmer girl called Daniela won. So we went there yesterday, took Maja and Linni with me to see the goats and dogs and ducks and chickens. They went MAD... Maja and Linni that is...

Girls visiting a farm with goats, chickens and ducks in Mgarr, Malta

Spent Easter weekend in Gozo. Had lunch with Kynan's sister Juanita on Easter Sunday, with her kids, in Xlendi. Weather amazing. 

Girls by the sea shore in Xlendi, Gozo, Malta

The Gozo ferry seems to be the major thing for the kids when going to Gozo. Niccolo with dog Scamp was on the ferry coming back with us.

Kids with dog on the ferry between Gozo and Malta


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