A day by the river

We are in Sweden, on our annual visit. We went in August, a bit later this year, thinking we would get away from the worst summer heat in Malta. And we sure did, it's so cold here! One morning it was 12 degrees when I got up... Most days it's been cloudy and quite some rain - we had one day when it in one day rained as much as it usually does for the whole month of August. It was quite impressive. Even on a sunny day, there is still that tinge of coldness in the air, a sure sign that autumn is indeed on its way.

But this weekend, the sun decided to join us and we had an lovely day. We went to a market, held at a lovely place in the countryside, with stables and small red wooden houses. The place was on a small island on the middle of a river. We found a small hut with a wooden pier, with amazing light for photography. Took some of my niece, Isabella, and Linni.