Big Mamas Everywhere!

Despite all gloom and doom about hard financial times, there seems to be a baby boom out there! Sweden was full of pregnant ladies. And quite a few babies here in Malta too! All those wonderful, WONDERFUL!! big bellies all around me! Makes me nostalgic... I abs LOVED being pregnant - never felt more gorgeous in my entire life!

This is me with Milla. Ooooh how i miss it!! When that little creature is moving inside - all of a sudden you can see the foot poking you hard. Or that weird feel when she moves around, blurp, like a seal swimming inside of you. Of course the back pain, the mood swings, the tiredness but in the end, who cares! Thank god i didnt start having kids earlier, would probably have ten by now!

Postat av: Molle

Det finns inte något vackrare än en gravid kvinna

snygg bild Anne

Postat av: Jack

Tjaba ;) Vem är din favorit i idoljuryn :D?

2009-09-25 @ 17:49:42
Postat av: elaine

Det är så fint att vara gravid!

2009-09-28 @ 22:20:23

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