Happy Halloween!!

Celebrating Halloween in Mgarr, Malta. My daughters dressed up as dead brides

Yes i know, i am late... as always... But this stretches the weekend out a bit! Incase it is not obvious, my girls were dressed as Dead Brides - favourite outfit as they can wear loads of makeup, glitz and high heels! Here Maja is feasting away on Linni, so guess Dead Brides slowly turning into vampires as well, not sure... Anyways, my kids had a great time - thank you Maria, Avanes, David and Anna for a great party!! While Kynan took the kids to Mellieha for their Halloween party, I went myself to Madliena Cottage to celebrate the engagement of Megan and Anli, and had an abs fab evening! Megan and Anli so beautiful, both inside and outside. Anli introduced me to oysters - can't believe i haven't eaten them before considering how much i love seafood. They were delicious. I drove home with a taste of champagne and oysters in my mouth, feeling very much full of love for not only Megan and Anli but the whole wide world!

photoshoot of young girl dressed up for Halloween, Mgarr Malta


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