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I love this photo. I was photographing a brother and sister, who then lived in Mosta, Malta. The boy was first a bit shy and his father picked him up and was rewarded with a tender hug. I was so happy for having my camera with me! Right place, right time...
I wish i could have aphoto of one my children putting their small arms around me and just giving me a hug, as a memory of the magic of having small kids. I hug them one million times a day, i try to catch them when they run pass me. But sometimes there is that amazing moment, when they just reach out, put their tiny arms around me and give me a hug. Like tonight: Milla couldn't sleep and when i for the umpteenth time went to put her back to bed, she put out her arms, hugged me tight and said goodnight. Ooooh magic!

Postat av: Anna

Vilken härlig bild! Och jag håller med, barnkramar är helt underbara :)

2009-07-19 @ 08:57:28
Postat av: Tina på Peppar och Vanilj

Åh vilket underbart kort! Snacka om att fånga ögonblicket...

K R A M // t i n a

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