He came! he came!

Oh yes, Santa knows how to find his way to Ghajn Tuffieha... And the dogs did not scare him away! 

We had a great great Christmas, am really pleased!

These are Linni's own thoughts of Christmas day:

i loved cristmas i got so many presents . My fav was a dragon a girl baby doll dragon . I got a lot af sweets from
Santa Claws .

Christmas Day in Mgarr, Malta

This pichure my mumy put it up because me and my sister were playing a game of wii and the game we were playing Santa Clause gave it to us .

Young girl playing with black board, white board christmas present from Santa

My youongest sister is playing with her white boured that she got from cristmas . The minute she saw it she srarted righting on it .It had to be the best present she hade got .

After opening Santa's present, we went for Christmas lunch at Auntie Juanita

we ate alote and we did't stop ! after we ate Santa came ( someone was dreesed up as him . ) and gave out more presents but this time he gave presents that the family gave to him . we had a lovly time there .


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